Quantity surveying is an important career path for anyone looking to become a professional in the field of construction and engineering. It is responsible for providing cost estimates, monitoring spending, and ensuring projects are completed within budget, which is why having a qualification from a quantity course can be so beneficial. This article will look at how obtaining a qualification from a quantity surveying course can help to boost your career prospects as well as your earnings potential. We will discuss the range of job opportunities available to those with such qualifications and how they can benefit you both professionally and financially.


What is a Quantity Surveyor?

A Quantity Surveyor is a professional who is responsible for managing the costs associated with construction projects. This includes estimating the costs of materials, labor, and other supplies necessary to carry out a project, preparing tenders for potential contractors, negotiating contracts, and settling disputes between parties. It's important to work that requires an in-depth knowledge of contractual law, cost management principles, and building regulations.

Quantity Surveying courses offer students the opportunity to gain an understanding of all these vital components in order to become skilled professionals. Students will learn how to accurately measure and estimate costs, as well as develop their skills in contract management. They will also learn about procurement methods, budget allocation, and risk assessment; all skills which can help make them more attractive candidates when seeking employment opportunities.

Benefits of a QS Course

They can provide many benefits to individuals looking to further their careers and increase their earning potential. Firstly, professionals with a QS qualifications will have the upper hand in terms of employability when it comes to competing against other applicants for positions in the construction industry. 

A degree or diploma in surveying is highly sought after due to its potential for opening up new opportunities, such as becoming a project manager or working on large-scale construction projects.

In addition, those who obtain a QS qualification will be able to access better job prospects with higher salaries than those without one. With an understanding of the principles of building contracts, cost estimating, and finance management from a QS course, graduates are well-equipped with the necessary skills that employers look for when recruiting for certain roles within the field.

Building your Skillet

Skillets are important assets to any career and the same can be said for quantity surveying. A strong set of skills can help a professional rise through their respective field, while also increasing their earning potential. It’s up to the individual to build these essential skills in order to excel in this profession.

A comprehensive surveying course is one of the best ways to develop the skill set that is necessary for success in this field. This course will include topics such as estimating costs, project management, contract law, and risk assessment among many others. By mastering these different areas, individuals will be able to hit all the notes needed for successful results on any job site or project they take part.

Additionally, courses like these can provide excellent networking opportunities with other professionals who may share similar interests or goals as those enrolled in the class.

Career Opportunities

A quantity surveying course offers a range of career opportunities to those looking to boost their earnings potential. Quantity surveyors are responsible for the overall management and cost control of projects, from the initial construction phase right through to completion. With this technical knowledge, they then advise on how best to proceed with the project in order to ensure that money is spent wisely and that all regulations are adhered to.

In addition, quantity surveyors can also work in various other sectors, such as project management, contract administration and financial analysis. They may also be employed by engineering companies or government departments in areas such as public works or the construction of infrastructure projects. The scope for growth and development within this industry is vast; from junior surveying positions up to senior roles in private sector or public sector organizations. Furthermore, qualified quantity surveyors can also pursue a career internationally if desired.

Earning Potential

They can be a great way to start your career in the construction industry. As a qualified quantity surveyor, you will have the potential to earn significant amounts of money. The job market for quantity surveyors is currently highly competitive and salaries are increasing as demand grows.

The average salary for a qualified Quantity Surveyor is around £50,000 per year depending on experience, with the highest earners potentially earning up to £90,000 annually. This figure may even be higher when taking into account overtime and bonuses that are often offered by employers. Qualified surveyors also have access to other potential revenue streams such as consultancy or freelance work which could further increase their earning potential.

It is clear that a qualification in it can open doors and significantly boost your earning potential within the construction industry.

Enhancing Your Skillet

For a quantity surveyor, having the right set of skills can make all the difference when it comes to succeeding in their career. Enhancing your skillet is essential for success, and a quality surveying course can provide you with the tools you need to do just that.

The course will equip you with knowledge on how to accurately measure materials, ensure project budgets are kept in check, calculate costs associated with labor and installation services, and understand data analysis related to projects. Additionally, you will learn how to plan work processes efficiently and accurately estimate timescales for delivery of each stage of construction or renovation works.

Networking & Professional Development

One of the main advantages of studying a quantity surveying course is the networking opportunities that it can open up for graduates. The course provides students with the chance to make valuable contacts in the industry and build meaningful professional relationships. As you complete your studies, you will be able to use these contacts to find job leads, referrals, and even potential clients.

Networking can also provide access to career advancement and additional income streams. For example, alumni organizations often host events for their members where they can meet potential employers or other professionals who may have an interest in hiring them or working with them on projects. Additionally, many universities provide job fairs which enable graduates and employers to connect face-to-face and build connections that could lead to future contracts or employment opportunities.


A Quantity Surveying course can be an excellent choice for anyone looking to progress in their career and increase their earning potential. With its comprehensive curriculum, the course provides a great opportunity to understand key aspects of surveying and how it can be applied in the workplace. It is also a good option if you are looking to transition into a new profession or specialism. The skills acquired from this course have the potential to lead to improved job prospects and higher wages.